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Find Your Good Toolkit

The campaign aims to promote healthy activities and positive interactions between youth, to help youth recognize there are other choices than using substances.

This toolkit is part of our Youth Now initiative and materials are available to download at the Youth Now website.

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Secure Your Cannabis Campaign

Most Washington and Cowlitz County teens are not using cannabis, yet 44% of Cowlitz County and 49% of Washington tenth graders in 2018 said cannabis was easy to get. To protect young minds you can know the Washington laws, start talking with youth about underage cannabis use and keep cannabis secure.

This campaign was developed to deliver prevention messaging and a call to action directly to cannabis consumers and is developed in partnership with prevention professionals, educators, health care providers and cannabis retailers.

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Cannabis Conversations Toolkit

The Cannabis Conversations toolkit gives tips to adults on starting prevention talks with youth about marijuana. These conversation-starter ideas are open to all adults including parents, educators, healthcare professionals, aunts, uncles, youth leaders and more.

This toolkit is part of our Youth Now initiative and materials are available to download at the Youth Now website.

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Locks Save Lives

This campaign prevents youth opioid abuse by encouraging adults to use lock boxes for their prescription medications. Ease of access is the #1 reason youth misuse prescription drugs. A toolkit is available that includes a collection of high-quality downloadable materials for use by prevention coalitions and community organizations in their communities.

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Weed Can Wait Campaign

This campaign is intended to reach high risk youth, and may not be a prevention message that suits all youth. This is a positive campaign focusing on reminding youth of the many reasons they can choose not to use marijuana.

This campaign has been made available via licensing agreement to local organizations and community partners who want to share this messaging. View the campaign details, research and licensing agreements below.


Making the Connection Toolkit

The Making the Connection Toolkit provides interactive modules that reveal the connection between ACEs, toxic stress, brain development, and youth substance use. The toolkit helps educators engage youth with realistic examples, current science, and engaging activities to help youth make personal connections to the material while building resilience and coping skills.

This toolkit is intended for parents and adults to present to the youth they work with, mentor, or care for and is part of the Youth Now initiative.


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